Whistleblower and complaints portal

Together against corruption, economic crime, environmental damage, and human rights violations.

The EMO-TRANS Group (EMO-TRANS GmbH and joint ventures) places great importance on lawful compliance with laws and internal regulations.
Therefore, it is crucial to detect misconduct early.
Engage with us against corruption, economic crime, environmental damage, and human rights violations. Every report of potential crimes and other reportable violations is important and helps prevent harm. With your support, we can more effectively ensure the reliability and integrity, and thus the success of our companies.
To ensure accessibility for every employee in our companies, as well as business partners and customers, regardless of location and time, we have established this electronic whistleblower and complaint portal, complementing the existing reporting channels through compliance. Here, you can report incidents by providing your name or anonymously.
We have set up this whistleblower and complaint portal specifically for reporting focal topics related to corruption, economic crime, environmental damage, and human rights violations. Reports outside these focal topics will not be pursued through this system.
This whistleblowing and complaint portal must not be used to intentionally provide false or defamatory information. Reports that denounce others or defame them knowingly may have civil or criminal consequences.
While we encourage you to submit your report with your name, we also respect your desire for anonymity. Setting up a secure email area facilitates communication with us. Rest assured that your reports will be treated with strict confidentiality.
You can access our whistleblower and complaint portal through the following link:

For information on data protection related to our whistleblower and complaint portal, please visit the Data Protection section at:

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