Do you own horses or other animals that require shipping over substantial distances? Transporting live animals by air or other modes is a delicate, detail-oriented process that demands extensive experience and specialized expertise. It’s vital to keep the animals comfortable and deliver appropriate veterinary care throughout the journey.

Shipping animals overseas can be even more challenging. Each country has specific laws and regulations regarding the importation of animals, and it’s crucial to become familiar with them to avoid complications and delays. Quarantining is a requirement with international horse transport, and you’ll need to navigate a series of processing and documentation steps.

Rather than attempting to arrange to ship horses on your own, consider the advantages of using live animal transportation services. EMO Trans is a reputable global logistics solutions provider you can trust to manage the process from start to finish.

Complex Global Logistics, Simplified.

EMO Trans’ consolidated services make live animal transport easy. We offer solutions for shipping or relocating live animals throughout all corners of the globe. Our specialty cargo professionals have decades of experience, ensuring the safe and secure transport of your animal. Partner with us to optimize your animal’s path – from point A to point Z.