Greener thinking today for a greener world tomorrow

Moving ourselves and our industry into environmentally thoughtful shipping logistics

Why It Matters: the Environmental Impact of Supply Chain Logistics

No matter where we live, the long-term effects of greenhouse gas emissions come closer to home every year. As both private individuals and corporate entities we are waking up to the need to alter our course of operations. Our business is changing, and sustainable practice will be an integral part of sustainable business. With the support and encouragement of our clients, EMO Trans is digging deeper into green options. We’ll be better as a result of embracing a pursuit of sustainability; we will do better, and we’ll do better by our clients, too.

A Sustainable Start, and Our Ongoing Efforts

We’ve been investigating sustainability for years. In 2018, we began disclosing data on our sustainability efforts to CDP to measure our environmental impact.
We source 30% of our electricity from renewables and are on track to increase this number.
Since 2020, we’ve addressed our Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing carbon offsets from the Texas Capricorn Ridge Wind Project.
We’re committed to working with our partners to reduce Scope 3 emissions 20% by 2030.
We’ve pledged to decrease Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030.

Try the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculator

Wherever you are in your own shift to sustainable practices, we’re here to help. This GHG Calculator is free for your use: enter details for a shipment to determine the volume of carbon emissions it will produce. By utilizing a GHG emissions calculator, you can better understand your impact on climate change, take steps to reduce emissions, and contribute to a more sustainable future

Identifying your greenhouse gas emissions can inform decision-making processes and help you identify opportunities for emission reduction. Understanding your greenhouse gas emissions will help you to prioritize investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, evaluate the environmental impact of different choices, and make more sustainable decisions overall.

Committed to Solving Sustainable Shipping – For Every Supply Chain Partner

EMO Trans works to be an authoritative resource on sustainability for all its clients and customers, and to stay in front of long-term efforts to reduce the supply chain carbon footprint and develop green alternatives to traditional industry practices. We invest our thought and resources not to help ourselves keep up, but to help you lead the way. We invite you to join us in what is, after all, a group effort: a cleaner, greener approach to our industry.

Commonly Asked Questions

Partner with EMO Trans for Sustainability

Wherever you are in your thinking about green shipping approaches, we’re here to help and advise you as we all work towards a sustainable future. We give you options that let you move at a pace sustainable for business and good for the planet. Whether you aim to be carbon-neutral or want to see a world with zero emissions, we believe we can work together to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while embracing renewable energy sources and driving energy efficiency. Let’s connect.

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