Basic principles:

  • Employment of qualified technical staff (with the aid of specific assignment structures)
  • Qualified and friendly communication between the customer and EMO-TRANS
  • Investments for schooling and training
  • Due to our company structure and flexibility, we see ourselves as a competent partner for small- and medium-sized businesses. More than 20% of existing customers have been part of our regular clientele for more than 20 years.
  • Core terms characterizing the customer/EMO-TRANS partnership:
    • Understanding and trust
    • Continuous improvement
    • Long-term common objectives
    • Safety of business relationship

March 27, 2023

Germany Faces Day of Travel Chaos as Airport, Rail...

Germany’s air and rail services ground to a halt Monday during a one-day strike as workers join peers in France…


March 24, 2023

Hamburg Port Open Today; Further Labor Action Planned Monday


March 23, 2023

Port of Hamburg Closed Due to Strike