Complex Global Logistics, Simplified.

At EMO Trans we focus on two key factors in our customs services – a total commitment to compliance and an optimized supply chain. Knowledgeable in all aspects of customs services, we’re always here to advise you. Our careful classification of goods and firsthand knowledge of global customs programs puts you one step ahead of the rapidly changing international trade and compliance landscape.

A Commitment to Compliance

The last several years have seen various developments. We believe in the continuing education of both our staff and our customers to minimize risk and future potential costs of non-compliance. Our brokerage team undergoes regular training and internal audits to insure we are fully up to date on the evolving framework of all customs regulations and requirements. Always a critical component of a supply chain, we make compliance a top priority.

A Win-Win Scenario

Our professional team of customs experts provides a full range of complex import logistics services – including parts databases, binding rulings, post entry activities, landed cost calculations and compliance programs. Our customers reap the benefits of both our field level practical knowledge of the current application of customs requirements, as well as our extensive subject matter expertise from a tariff and regulatory perspective. It’s a win-win scenario that makes EMO Trans the perfect long-term partner for your customs services requirements.