Over the last 50 years, EMO Trans has built and maintained strong partnerships with the world’s premier air carriers. Our block space allocations with multiple carriers guarantee you greater flexibility in routing than any single carrier can provide, while giving you a single point of contact and full accountability for all aspects of your shipment. Emo Trans’ experienced personnel will provide you with accurate, detailed documentation from start to finish whether your shipment is a consolidation, deferred or expedited service.

Schedules to Meet Your Needs—Not Ours

  • Confirmed space allocation with multiple airlines
  • Regularly scheduled consolidations
  • Expedited, next flight out and deferred services
  • Extended operating hours
  • Same-day service and weekend operation as required

Regional Airports

  • Reduced handling and greater control
  • Direct shipment routings
  • Higher percentage of on-time, claim-free deliveries

Proactive Customer Service

  • Our goal: to call you before you call us
  • Prompt transmission of shipment tracking information
  • Direct communication with all related parties
  • Accurate and up-to-the-minute information
  • Ownership of issues until full resolution

Just the Right Size

  • Large enough to command excellent airline service and very competitive pricing
  • Strong enough to have an aggressive presence in world markets
  • Small enough to deliver flexibility, customized programs and personalized service

Local decision making for faster response and direct accountability

EMO Trans does more than just ship your cargo. We offer complete logistical solutions driven by local decision making, accountability, and expertise. A licensed NVOCC operator, our highly experienced personnel are knowledgeable in all aspects of maritime regulations and requirements. In addition to complete and accurate documentation, we offer a variety of special services. By maintaining decision making and direct accountability at the local level, you will enjoy faster response to your specific requirements.

Single Carrier Responsibility

  • Licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) operator
  • Multiple time volume contracts
  • Own Consol-Boxes
  • Full Container Load (FCL), Less than Container Load (LCL), Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO), Breakbulk or Chartering
  • Frequent sailing schedules to accommodate virtually any production schedule

Proactive Communication

  • Pre-advice sent on all our exports
  • Arrival notice sent on all our imports
  • Specialized support for oversize and breakbulk cargo
  • Onsite supervision for heavy lift cargo and route inspection

Efficient Handling

  • Use of multiple gateways for efficient consolidation points
  • Expedited breakdown of groupage containers
  • Customs Clearance kept under our control for faster deliveries

Door-To-Door Service

  • Minimized physical handling of your cargo
  • Greater cost effectiveness
  • Increased reliability

EMO Trans is a company that prides itself on its commitment to compliance and its service to its customers. From senior management on down to desk level operations, compliance to government regulations is a top priority.  Not only does this ensure a smooth transportation procedure, whether it be imports or exports, but it also adds a level of confidence for our customers that their cargo will remain safe and secure.

A main component to our compliance procedures is having a secure supply chain. Having a secure supply chain and adherence to government compliance regulations around the globe ensures that your cargo is safe and also expedites the import and export procedures implemented by the various government agencies around the world that are involved in international transportation.

We are focused on two key factors in our Customs services. First and foremost is compliance. Always a critical component of a supply chain, the last several years have seen various developments which only increase the need for a complete commitment to compliance. Continuing education of both our staff and our customers is a must. Our Brokerage team undergoes regular training and internal audits to insure we are fully up-to-date on the evolving framework of regulations and requirements.

In addition, we recognize the often urgent need for prompt release of goods so that the supply chain flow is optimized. Our philosophy is to merge the transportation and the clearance functions so that we have “single carrier accountability” to you, our customers. When we are both the transporting company and the broker, we have direct control of the documentation starting at the origin. We transmit the document package electronically so no time is lost waiting for or looking for documents. Whether goods are parts needed for production or finished goods for sales, we understand that time is of the essence in modern supply chains.

Our Customs staff also provides a full range of services in support of complex import logistics. Parts databases, binding rulings, post entry activities, landed cost calculations, and compliance programs are all available from our team of professionals. We provide both a field-level practical knowledge of the current application of Customs requirements as well as extensive subject matter expertise from a tariff and regulatory perspective.

In today’s accelerated business environment, you not only need accurate shipping information, but you also need it fast. EMO Trans offers state-of-the-art information and data systems for tracking and reporting of import/export, for air or ocean freight. Our freight management information systems link you to your shipment anywhere around the world.


  • Portal to the EMO Trans group
  • Global network information
  • Links to resource sites
  • Interactive communication
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Global quotation systems

Internet Tracking and Reporting

  • Real-time in-transit shipment status
  • Statistical Information

Customized Information

  • Landed cost reports
  • Shipment activity reports
  • Historical data

Global E-mail

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Accelerated communications
  • Shorter decision cycles

Data Warehouse

  • Access complete database of activity for qualified customers
  • Programmed to your specific needs

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Advanced Shipping Notice — X12 856: Ability to send customers an ANSI x12 856 Ship Notice / Manifest Status Message. The physical delivery of this ‘record’ could be done in a number of ways, probably the most common being via the Internet to a FTP Server. As critical ‘events’ or statuses occur in the lifecycle of the transportation (for example, Shipped, Delivery of Freight, etc.), the system would send out the appropriate 856 record to the user. We work with our Customer’s EDI department to agree which of the 856 data elements they desire.
  • Shipment Status Update — Emo214 (Customer): Similar to the 856, but in a much simpler layout, the Emo214 sends an EDI Record to the End user, via a FTP Server, whenever shipment status events get updated / modified during the life-cycle of the transportation.
  • Consolidation Creation — AirEmoAgent / OceanEmoAgent (Agent Interface)

EMO Trans supports the ability to receive inbound Air and Ocean Consolidations electronically and have those consolidation details update the EMO Trans Transportation database automatically with the inbound manifest received from our agents overseas. Among the data received would be House and Master Details.

XML Capabilities

EMO Trans also supports the ability to receive or send the aforementioned EDI capabilities in XML formats.

Web Tracking

EMO Trans supports detailed transportation tracking, including:

  • Interface with many of the airlines electronic databases, detailing the exact flight details and delays etc.
  • Detailed Event Tracking, giving the customer the ability to easily track the transportation / customs clearance process
  • Graphical Reporting System utilizing state-of-the-art management reporting products such as Crystal
  • Reporting and Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to track the fulfillment of the customers purchase order details; gives the customer a detailed view of the physical purchase order / packing list and lines of transportation details on the purchase order that has shipped, as well as showing which purchase order line items and item numbers remain open; various tracking capabilities via customer’s vendors, open purchase orders, fully closed vendors, open purchase orders, fully closed purchase orders etc.
  • Opportunity for the customers to use Emo Trans for warehousing with a fully-automated warehouse system; ability to track freight on-hand, shipped, etc. by part number etc.