Project logistics is a multifaceted process involving the planning, execution and management of transport. The objective of project logistic services is to ensure cargo reaches the job site safely and on time.

The need for specialized project logistics typically occurs when shipping heavy equipment or similar objects to distant locations or when transporting oversized cargo. In many cases, the shipment must be able to withstand the rigors of traveling in various transportation modes, including air, land, sea and rail.

Project logistics experts typically conduct feasibility studies before moving forward. It’s often necessary to enlist the services of an experienced logistics company to manage the process.

Complex Global Logistics, Simplified.

EMO Trans is a leading provider of specialized logistics and supply chain management to the global community.  Our philosophy is to go above and beyond the role of the traditional freight forwarder to identify the precise demands and requirements of your project, allowing us to construct a complete logistics infrastructure for your company.

EMO Trans can transport and deliver anything from individual project components to entire facilities. Our team of experts, in cooperation with our worldwide network of reliable service partners, delivers the professionalism and reliability you demand for large project transportation and logistics.