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January 31, 2022

Asia Offices Celebrate Lunar New Year

EMO China                      Jan 31st to Feb 6th EMO Hong Kong             Feb 1 – 3rd EMO Korea                      Jan 29th to Feb 2nd EMO Malaysia                 Feb 1 - 2nd EMO Philippines       …


January 19, 2022

Will 5G Disrupt Air Commerce?

As Verizon and AT&T begin to roll out their long-anticipated 5G technology, airlines have expressed concerns about 5G's effect on equipment and navigation systems. While the mobile phone companies have delayed activating 5G on towers around certain airports, some airlines…


January 14, 2022

Chinese New Year Holiday Begins January 31

Please note that the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday is around the corner! All EMO China offices will have a long holiday from January 31 (Monday) to February 6 (Sunday). They will resume work on February 7 (Monday).   The…