December 1, 2023

China Floats Idea of Mega Port to Rival Singapore

Beijing is considering a proposal to construct a massive integrated super port across islands south of Hong Kong, consolidating regional port resources to challenge Singapore’s shipping hub status. The infrastructure project, potentially costing over $20bn, is also envisaged as a…


October 3, 2023

China’s National Day Meets Mid-Autumn Festival

In a rare confluence of celebrations, the National Day holiday, marking the 74th anniversary of the founding of New China, and the Mid-Autumn Festival coincided this year, offering the country an extended eight-day holiday (source: Sixth Tone).


September 22, 2023

Golden Week Blank Sailings Affecting Schedules

Canceled sailings by container lines are having some unforeseen consequences, as schedule unreliability has resulted in increased inventories, higher costs, and now a disruption to backhaul trades (source: SeatradeMaritime News).


January 25, 2023

US Firms Renew Plea to End China Tariffs

US businesses big and small made a fresh push for the Biden administration to remove Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods as the government considers a formal extension on the hundreds of billions of dollars in levies (source: AJOT).


January 10, 2023

China’s Reopening Seen as Positive for Shipping

As part of its dismantling of its zero-Covid policy, Beijing has allowed travel in and out of the country, with transport officials also allowing crew leaving or joining ships in China to no longer quarantine. Seafarers coming from overseas must…