Logistics in shipping, storing and transporting sports equipment involves many unique challenges. Inventory is typically very varied, constantly evolving and subject to seasonal demand shifts. EMO Trans can help your sports equipment manufacturing or wholesaling business create and implement practical logistics plans that simplify the complexities and optimize your operations.

We Help Solve Issues With Sports Equipment Logistics

EMO Trans specializes in designing personalized logistics approaches that drive value for your company in multiple ways:

  • Faster deliveries: When demand is up, your products need to be on the shelves to capture the surge. We have the experience and carrier network to get your goods there quickly.
  • Inventory management: Stock-outs and overstocks can lead to dissatisfied customers and unnecessary inventory expenses. Our team can help you identify and maintain the right balance for your unique needs.
  • Agile planning: EMO Trans technology tools deliver built-in analytics and reporting. Leverage your data to spot trends and forecast projected sales more accurately.

Our World-Class Sports Equipment Transportation Services

As a premier global logistics solutions partner, we have solutions for helping your products reach worldwide markets quickly, economically and safely.

Shipping via Ocean Freight

Ocean cargo is an economical transportation mode when speed isn’t required. Sea vessels can help your goods reach overseas ports more cost-effectively than air transit, which makes this method ideal for high-volume shipping. We’ll work with our carefully vetted carriers to ensure your goods make the trip secure and protected.


Shipping via Truck Carrier

Truckload shipping is preferred for shorter distribution journeys and larger last-mile deliveries. Our specialists broker freight for less-than-truckload orders, allowing you to share expenses with other shippers. This approach results in faster deliveries with fewer storage expenses to keep inventory moving. We also provide freight brokerage for full-truckload shipments with cost-effective rates.

Shipping With Intermodal Capabilities

Combining transportation modes, such as rail and truck, can generate savings without compromising on speed and efficiency. Our experienced partners can easily move specialized containers between these modes, eliminating the need to unpack and transfer cargo.

Shipping With Air Freight

If speed is instrumental, air freight is often the preferred choice. Our comprehensive air services enable your sporting equipment to reach distant shores quickly, whether you need same-day shipments, regular consolidations or direct journeys.

Customs and Compliance Assistance

Regardless of your shipping mode, your deliveries are subject to customs regulations when they cross borders. Navigating this bureaucracy can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Our specialists have local knowledge of the ever-changing rules in the countries we serve, and our comprehensive customs expertise helps prevent your shipments from goods holds and delays.

Our teams also have the resources to support compliance with industry regulations and domestic shipment laws.

Why Partner With EMO Trans for Sports Equipment Shipping Services?

EMO Trans has been a trusted provider of global logistics solutions and strategies since our beginnings in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1965. We’ve grown to include over 100 offices in 24 countries today. Aside from our long-standing industry experience, sporting equipment shippers like you choose us because of our:

  • Service: We embrace an unwavering passion for exceptional customer service. Our teams strive to build long-lasting relationships by prioritizing your satisfaction.
  • Individualization: EMO Trans understands shipment and business needs differ. We create personalized logistics solutions, not standard offerings.
  • Innovation: Our company believes in the benefits of technology for optimizing operations, timelines and budgets. We’ve substantially invested in tools that put that power directly at your fingertips.

Request a Quote on Our Sports Equipment Supply Chain Solutions

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