Protecting the integrity of costly and sensitive health care goods during storage, transit and distribution requires a carefully planned and executed strategy. EMO Trans is here to help you create one that supports speed, safety and your organization’s bottom line.

We Simplify Logistics in the Health Care Supply Chain

At EMO Trans, we know the typical issues health care companies face with their logistics. Our experts work to identify the unique ones in your business and solve them by providing:

  • Temperature-controlled shipments: Health care goods like pharmaceuticals require regulated shipping environments throughout the supply chain. We have an extensive network of partners offering temperature-controlled solutions for quality assurance.
  • More visibility: Fragmented systems within the industry make transparency challenging and gathering relevant information time-consuming. Our technology makes track-and-trace easier and faster through one platform.
  • Cost containment: Health care businesses experience tremendous pressure to keep expenses in check and prevent unnecessary spending that can drive up patient costs. We develop solutions that maximize your budget with cost-effective shipping.
  • Higher efficiency: We simplify finding the best mode, carrier and price for scheduled and urgent shipments. You can refocus your time on more strategic tasks, like leveraging our data analytics for more accurate planning.

Our Tailored Health Care Logistics Solutions

EMO Trans has the expertise and partners to get your products to worldwide markets through multiple transport modes.

Air Cargo Shipping Assistance

Many health care companies rely on air freight for its speed and delivery dependability. Our team has long-term relationships with highly qualified carriers to coordinate scheduled consolidations, direct journeys and same-day shipments.


Compliance and Customs Support

Shipment regulations abound in the health care industry, especially for goods crossing international borders. Our specialists receive ongoing training to help ensure your deliveries comply with laws to prevent accidental violations. Our global footprint also means you have local expertise for clearing customs, mitigating the risk of delayed shipments and product loss.

Truck Carrier Freight Brokerage

When your goods need to travel shorter distances or make the last mile, trucking is a viable solution. EMO Trans works with multiple experienced carriers to pinpoint the fastest and most cost-effective way to get life-saving products where they need to be. We create plans for both full truckloads and less-than-truckload shipping journeys to reduce storage time and overall costs.

Ocean Freight Shipment Services

Shipping health care goods via ocean cargo is frequently the most economical method, and temperature-controlled solutions exist to do so when speed isn’t a priority. Since we work with many partners, we can identify and recommend the company that best aligns with your budget, schedule and cargo-protection requirements.

Intermodal Transportation Logistics Strategies

Moving goods with a combination of rail and truck is fast and frequently more cost-effective than other methods. Specially engineered containers allow for speedy transfers between the modes without disturbing the carefully packed cargo within. We’ll design a strategy with experienced carriers who meet your shipment’s special handling requirements.

Why EMO Trans Is a Leading Health Care Logistics Company

EMO Trans is an experienced logistics partner of choice for shippers of health care goods worldwide. We maintain a global presence in 24 countries with over 100 offices and more than 250 network offices in 120 countries. Our experience dates back to 1965, giving us over 50 years of expertise in global logistics.

Other reasons we’re a valued team member include:

  • Our tailored approach: We work to understand your cost and efficiency goals and needs to craft a custom strategy for meeting them.
  • Unparalleled customer service: Our team provides individualized attention and strives to earn your business by going above and beyond the norms of customer service.
  • Innovative technology tools: We’ve invested in bringing you robust technology solutions that deliver convenience, visibility and meaningful reporting.

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