Wine logistics can be complex and challenging to navigate without effective strategies for preserving the products’ taste, integrity and safety. Shipment delays or environmental inconsistencies can lead to product waste or dissatisfied customers and loss of future sales.

EMO Trans is a global provider of tailored logistics plans designed around your unique wine-based business needs.

Your Trusted Partner for Wine Supply Chain Solutions

At EMO Trans, we collaborate with you to develop answers to resolve common industry pain points your company may experience. Our solutions empower you with:

  • Fast delivery options: We help optimize your processes to meet fluctuating consumer demands. Our approaches enable businesses to get their wines onto retail shelves faster.
  • Environmentally controlled shipments: Excess exposure to heat or oxidation can quickly lead to spoilage. We’ll take measures to ensure carrier protection against these possibilities.
  • More organizational efficiency: Our data analytics provide actionable insights into your unique business trends. This information lets you plan more accurately, reducing excess inventory and storage costs.

Our Bespoke Wine Transportation Services

Partner with us for practical and effective wine logistics strategies based on over 50 years of industry expertise in:

Regulatory Compliance Support

The laws surrounding alcohol shipments and deliveries vary widely among countries and even state to state. Our teams stay current with jurisdictional requirements to support your shipment’s compliance and safeguard against delays and goods detention. With over 100 offices in 24 countries, we also provide ground-level customs expertise worldwide.


Truck Carrier Brokerage

Trucks are an essential part of the distribution chain, and EMO Trans maintains an expansive network of carrier partners. We’ll locate those capable of meeting your needs for staying on budget and protecting your cargo. We also assist with less-than-truckload delivery options to enable faster, more affordable shipments.

Air Cargo Options

When products need to be there fast, trust our air services expertise to make it happen. We work with multiple air freight providers to identify the best options for your needs. Our comprehensive solutions include same-day shipment, direct journeys and schedule consolidations.

Intermodal Transportation Coordination

Intermodal transportation leverages the economy and eco-friendliness of multiple modes, like rail-to-truck. We have the specialized container carriers and skills to develop the ideal carrier mix for cost-effectiveness and timeliness.

Why Work With EMO Trans for Wine Logistics

We’re valued business partners for global wine shippers because of our:

  • Customized approach: You won’t find cookie-cutter solutions with us. We design fully tailored approaches based on your budget and needs.
  • Advanced technology: EMO Trans has developed robust technology to help you optimize wine supply chain management. Our customer portal provides you with actionable insights that improve decision-making across the ecosystem.
  • Exceptional service: We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. You’ll see the difference this commitment makes with every interaction.
  • In-depth experience: We trace our roots as a global logistics solutions partner to 1965 in Stuttgart, Germany. Our experts leverage this vast knowledge and long-term relationships with our partners to create the best logistics strategies for your business.

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