At EMO Trans we have built strong and lasting relationships with the world’s premier air carriers in order to provide you with the best service. Our mission is to utilize our experience and knowledge of the industry to deliver exceptional, customized service to you.


Complex Global Logistics, Simplified

Our air freight professionals are always here to provide you with the best and most cost-effective service. This is an industry where timing is everything; when time is in short supply we’ll ship as soon as our next flight out. For your shipment, a single point of contact will be provided with full accountability, including ownership of all issues until full resolution.

Just the Right Size

We’re small enough to deliver flexible, customized programs and the kind of personal service that is often lost when dealing with much larger organizations. We’re big enough to have a strong and aggressive presence in world markets, while being nimble enough to navigate locally.

Proactive Customer Service

Our people are our greatest asset. We get to know your shipment goals, organization and story on a personal level, which is why we have the industry’s most proactive customer service. Our goal is to call you before you call us.

Partner with EMO Trans for Air Services

Partner with us today. We provide custom global logistics solutions with a personal touch. Find your local branch.

At EMO Trans we have knowledge and experience in all aspects of maritime regulations and requirements. We deliver exceptional service to ensure the on-time, efficient, safe, and cost-effective handling & delivery of your freight. We offer a variety of customized solutions to suit your requirements.


A Customizable Ocean Logistics Solution

EMO Trans has the global visibility, expertise & scalability to provide the ideal ocean logistics solution for you. Strong relationships with ocean carriers enable us to find the solution that is the best fit. In shipping ocean freight from one corner of the globe to another, we understand the need for reliability & flexibility. With us, you can be certain that you’re in good hands. Take advantage of:

      • Pre-advice sent on all exports
      • Arrival notices sent on all imports
      • Specialized support for oversize and breakbulk cargo
      • Onsite supervision for heavy lift cargo and route inspection
      • Full-service insurance options provided to protect your valuable cargo

Proven track record

EMO Trans has ocean logistics solutions to accommodate all of your needs – including full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), roll on/roll off (RO/RO), breakbulk & chartering. Whatever you’re shipping, EMO Trans delivers a customized approach to meet your ocean freight requirements. We offer:

      • Expert consultation to insure the best ocean product is used
      • Use of multiple gateways for efficient consolidation points
      • Expedited breakdown of groupage containers
      • Customs clearance kept under our control for faster deliveries

Partner with EMO Trans for Ocean Services

EMO Trans is your best choice when it comes to ocean shipments. We’re proud to deliver the competitive pricing you expect – and the outstanding service you deserve. Partner with us today for custom global logistics with a personal touch. Find your local branch.

We are knowledgeable in all aspects of customs services and we’re always here to advise you. Our top priority is the seamless transportation of your freight from start to finish. We achieve this through the knowledge and experience of our employees and our worldwide network partners.


Committed to Compliance

The customs landscape is constantly changing. We stay ahead of those changes through regular training and internal audits. We recognize the importance of compliance in the supply chain and we will always make it a top priority to remain in-line with regulations that are constantly evolving.

Is Your Supply Chain Optimized?

We are always working on further optimizing our processes to ensure the prompt release of goods. From parts needed for production to finished goods for sale, our knowledge, experience and global infrastructure can be relied upon to keep your business running smoothly.

Single Carrier Accountability

Globally, many EMO Trans offices provide brokerage services in-house enabling us to more efficiently manage your shipment. Electronic transmittal of documents adds a level of control and saves precious time. We deliver the industry’s most efficient customs solutions through our commitment to due diligence and attention to detail.

Partner with EMO Trans

EMO Trans has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the best brokerage services to you. Partner with us today. Find your local branch.

Our commitment to compliance is firm. We do our due diligence to ensure that your shipment arrives safely and securely.


A Secure Supply Chain

There are different regulations all over the world and it is our job to know about them and adhere to them to allow for the safe passage of your shipment. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of compliance and do what is necessary to mitigate risk and minimize the potential costs of non-compliance. This further protects you by reducing potential for theft and other losses.

A Compliance Consultant and Advisor

Our people are trained to have advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of compliance. Rigorous and strict training and internal audits are key to remaining in line with the latest regulations. The strength of our global network and partnerships enables us to coordinate procedures with local government agencies worldwide.

Partner with EMO Trans

EMO Trans is your best choice for a secure supply chain. We’re always here to answer your questions and address your specific needs. Partner with us today. Contact your local branch for more information.

In today’s accelerated business environment, you not only need accurate shipping information, you need it fast. EMO Trans is committed to investing in tomorrow’s technology to provide added value for you today.

EMO Trans offers state-of-the-art information and data systems for tracking and reporting of import/export shipments for air or ocean freight. Through secure individual user name / passwords only you see your data – and no one else!


Mobile Access

Download the EMO Trans mobile app at the Apple App store and Google Play store. Features include: track & trace, reports, request a quote, branch locator & our newsletter.

Supply Chain Solutions

With our robust and scalable infrastructure, we have the best fitting solution for businesses both large and small. We use proprietary customer facing technologies to empower you through end-to-end visibility on shipments. Automated systems remove many previously manual procedures. The end result is a streamlined procedure and optimal performance to surpass the competition and make you look good in the process.

Track & Trace

Our sophisticated, real-time track & trace solutions let you manage and track your shipment while maintaining full visibility from booking to proof of delivery.


Our connectivity solutions improve customer service, minimize freight and labor costs and enhance visibility throughout the supply chain.

Advanced Automation

Our commitment to automating where possible saves labor, energy and materials – and at the same time, improves quality, accuracy and precision. Working to streamline operations results in lower costs to you.

Complete Customization

Unique situations may present unique problems; that’s why we offer customized solutions. Our IT Engineers design systems in-house to maximize the performance of your supply chain. We cater to all types of businesses and recognize that you may have a broad range of needs. We are dedicated to meeting those needs with the right solutions.

The Future at EMO Trans

The future is bright. We will continue on the road to making customized global logistics simpler, easier and more efficient. Come and be a part of our evolution and discover the innovative ways that EMO Trans is optimizing customized global logistics. Find your local branch.

EMO Trans is a leader in customized global logistics. Our big-picture view makes us the perfect long-term partner to coordinate the delivery, manufacturing, shipping, and distribution of goods for you and your customers. We’re proud to be the single point of contact for your supply chain requirements.



Thankfully, losses and damages to freight are rare – and if you need an extra layer of security, EMO Trans has the solution. Carrier liability is quite limited; therefore, we offer our customers the option of cargo insurance on every shipment to adequately cover damaged or lost goods. We’re the ideal partner to protect your shipment, with a smooth claims process from start to finish.

Project Logistics

EMO Trans goes beyond the role of the traditional freight forwarder to construct a complete logistics infrastructure for our clients. We are experts in pre-project planning with the tools to deliver logistics programs tailored to the individual needs of each customer. EMO Trans offers a strategic partnership with the tools to bring your project to completion.

Supply Chain Management

Are you looking for a partner to coordinate a reliable supply chain management program? You can trust our informed and experienced staff to deliver effective solutions to maximize the value and performance of your global supply chain – including shortened shipping cycles to lower your total cost.

      • Visibility of the complete supply chain gives you the ability to monitor and manage exceptions and formulate improvement opportunities
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure the performance of all supply chain parties and provide you with the knowledge to support improvement-oriented conservations
      • Strategic long-term relationships deliver increased customer value and decreased cost to the supply chain as a whole

Third Party Logistics

Are you looking to outsource elements of your supply chain? Partner with EMO Trans for specialized third party logistics scaled and customized to your individual needs. Take advantage of instant expertise to help you perform better and save money. Our partnership means your staff won’t be burdened with the minutia of managing your inventory and deliveries. We provide a number of value-added services including:

      • Onsite logistics staffing
      • Order entry and processing
      • Direct customer support
      • Specialized management information reporting
      • Design and maintenance of export compliance programs

Vendor and Supplier Management

Communication between vendors and suppliers is critical to success. You need, and will find in EMO Trans, a trustworthy partner with the logistics expertise to deal with multiple suppliers located all over the world. From purchase order expediting to work-in-progress follow-ups with vendors and suppliers, we strike the perfect balance between supply chain management and effective small business management.

Warehousing and Inventory Control

Do you need accurate, on-time order fulfillment? EMO Trans manages the entire warehousing and inventory control process – from initial delivery to order processing, pick-n-pack operations through final delivery – to give you peace of mind.

      • Storage of inventory at strategic locations worldwide
      • Accelerated availability for shipment and order fulfillment
      • Defined management reports of shipment activity
      • Significantly reduced costs and improved inventory accuracy

Partner with EMO Trans for Global Logistics

EMO Trans is your best choice when it comes to global logistics. We’re proud to be the single point of contact for all the logistics providers in your supply chain. Partner with us today. Select your country to find your representative.