Medical equipment logistics presents unique challenges other industries don’t face. Inventory is often highly complex and may include high-value, sensitive and fragile goods. Over-ordering often happens since surgeons only know what they precisely need mid-procedure. That reality means effective reverse logistics also become vital. EMO Trans helps with both by creating tailored plans based on your unique business needs.

Simplify Medical Equipment Supply Chain Management With EMO Trans

EMO Trans is your solution for simplifying medical device and supply logistics, no matter where or how your equipment needs to travel. Our customized strategies help you optimize your shipments by delivering:

  • Better inventory management: Treatment potential and clinical outcomes can substantially decline without the required supplies and equipment available. We provide solutions to help you ensure adequate stock and timely deliveries that health care providers need.
  • Improved decision-making: Our technology includes native analytics based on your unique data, which helps counter the inherent uncertainty in this industry. This information can enable more accurate forecasting so you can respond and adjust sooner.
  • Increased visibility: Medical device manufacturers often maintain multiple distribution locations, making visibility challenging. Our solutions promote transparency across your shipments with tracking and tracing tools.

Our Medical Supply Transportation Services

Our team has the resources and skills to develop your company’s ideal medical equipment logistics strategy across shipping modes and the globe.


Ocean Cargo

Ocean freight may be the most cost-effective option when shipments aren’t perishable or urgent. This method is much more affordable than air transport and works well for high-volume fulfillment. Our deep partner network ensures we can recommend the best carrier to meet your delivery time frame and protect fragile cargo.

Air Freight

If speed is a factor, air freight is a viable solution. We work with multiple carriers to identify the best option for economy and speed. We can resolve urgent challenges and promote economy through services like same-day shipment, direct-journey bookings and freight consolidations.

Compliance Assistance

Medical devices and supplies are instrumental in improving and saving lives, making them among the most highly regulated products in logistics. It’s vital to ensure legal compliance with jurisdictional requirements when importing and exporting these goods. At EMO Trans, our experts maintain up-to-date knowledge of the laws in each country we serve to help reduce noncompliance risks. We also provide comprehensive customs services to simplify the bureaucratic processes.

Freight Brokerage

Carriers vary in their cost, shipping criteria and service levels. We have long-term relationships with reputable trucking companies to help your medical supplies make shorter or last-mile journeys. Our specialists can identify the most cost-effective options, including less-than-truckload shipping, to get your products where they need to be on your schedule and budget.

Intermodal Coordination

Sometimes, a blend of transportation modes is the most effective solution, and we help with that. EMO Trans develops rail-and-truck strategies that optimize delivery costs and maximize efficiency while promoting more sustainable business practices.

Why EMO Trans Is a Preferred Choice for Medical Supply Logistics

Since 1965, medical equipment importers, exporters, manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide have trusted EMO Trans as their logistics partner. Additional reasons to work with us include our:

  • Unmatched service: Our team prioritizes your experience and satisfaction. We go beyond the norms to earn your business every day.
  • Powerful technology: The tools we’ve invested in offer convenience and provide meaningful insights based on your unique data.
  • Bespoke approach: No two shippers are alike — we create tailored logistics blueprints customized to your needs and budget.
  • Global footprint: We maintain over 100 offices in 24 countries, allowing us to provide unparalleled worldwide logistics expertise.

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