Frozen food requires special handling, especially when shipping products over longer distances. One broken link in the supply chain could lead to spoilage or other damage, creating customer dissatisfaction and costly product replacement expenses for shippers.

At EMO Trans, we understand the challenges of frozen food supply chain management in grocery stores and cold storage facilities and the potential impact on your business. We provide innovative frozen food logistics and transportation solutions to ensure your goods arrive at their destination in excellent condition.

We’ll Help You Overcome Supply Chain and Logistical Challenges

EMO Trans has been a global logistics and supply chain management leader since 1965. Our decades of experience and unrivaled expertise can help you ensure the highest frozen food product quality and safety. We’ll optimize your company’s performance in these key areas:

  • Temperature control: Maintaining the appropriate temperature is crucial when storing and shipping frozen food. Trust us to ensure your products remain frozen regardless of the environmental or climatic conditions during transit.
  • Speed: Frozen food distributors and grocery stores must be responsive to customer demands. We can ensure your supply chain management systems are operating at optimal levels, so you can get products to market without costly delays. We can also upgrade delivery cycles to make them faster and more efficient.
  • Inventory management control: Running out of popular frozen food items results in lost sales and unhappy customers. On the other hand, carrying too much stock in a warehouse consumes valuable storage space, increases inventory costs and reduces cash flow. We can help you find and maintain the appropriate inventory balance.
  • Optimized sales predictions: We offer access to actionable data that can help you predict future sales accurately and adjust your inventory needs accordingly.

Our Premium Frozen Food Transportation Services

As a global frozen food supply chain solutions provider, we can arrange to ship your goods virtually anywhere in the world via the most appropriate and cost-effective transportation mode.

Air Freight

When you’re shipping temperature-sensitive goods over long distances, air transportation offers the advantage of speed. With our unique combination of direct services, scheduled consolidations and same-day service, you can choose the offering that fits your time frame and budget.

Ocean Freight

If getting goods to an overseas destination as quickly as possible isn’t a primary concern, consider sending your freight via ocean vessel. Although the trip takes longer, you’ll experience substantial cost savings over air transport. This shipping method is also ideal for high-volume orders. We’ll ensure the carrier implements the appropriate storage and safety measures to protect your cargo throughout the journey.


Less than truckload (LTL) frozen food shipping services provide an ideal solution for transporting smaller loads. Your shipment will share a reefer truck trailer with goods from other shippers.

Because you’re only paying for enough space to accommodate your cargo and not the entire trailer, you’ll experience substantial cost savings compared to full truckload (FTL) services. Other LTL benefits include faster delivery times, reduced storage costs and maximum shipment security.

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport utilizes two or more modes, usually truck and rail, to ship goods at least 700-750 miles. Specially designed containers facilitate quick switching between modes while protecting the cargo. This method can move frozen foods more quickly and cost-effectively than trucks alone. It also promotes shipment visibility and transparency and has less environmental impact.

Freight Brokerage

Our freight brokerage services can help you find the ideal truck carrier for your frozen food shipments. We’ll leverage our extensive carrier network to locate companies that meet your essential criteria while offering the most affordable rates and convenient delivery schedules. You can avoid the time, expense and uncertainty of attempting to find a suitable shipping partner yourself.


If you’re shipping frozen foods internationally, you’ll need to navigate the customs process in the destination country. Our team has extensive knowledge of the customs procedures in nations around the world to help you avoid costly delays that result in late deliveries. Our network of local offices ensures you’ll have access to experts who understand the system and how to cut through the bureaucratic red tape.


Complying with constantly changing export and import laws can be challenging. The EMO Trans team receives ongoing training to stay abreast of the latest developments in the countries we serve. You’ll have more peace of mind and fewer concerns about an unintentional violation that could result in costly fines or penalties.

Why Choose EMO Trans?

EMO Trans is a recognized leader in global logistics and supply chain solutions. We’ve experienced phenomenal growth since our founding in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1965. Our operation now consists of a worldwide headquarters near New York City, more than 85 dedicated branch offices in 21 nations and over 250 network offices on six continents. Wherever you do business, you don’t have to look far for reliable frozen food supply chain solutions.

Other reasons to partner with us include:

  • Top-notch customer service: Our team is always willing to go the extra mile to help you overcome logistics and supply chain management challenges. We empower our local branches by giving them the autonomy to make crucial decisions that benefit our customers.
  • Customization: At EMO Trans, we don’t believe in delivering one-size-fits-all frozen food supply chain solutions. We’ll take the time to ask questions about your business and operational processes. Our team will use this information to tailor our services to meet your unique requirements.
  • Advanced technology: We’ve made a significant investment in innovative technologies to benefit our customers. One example is the EMO Trans Portal, our online microsite where you can track shipments, request quotes and access informative reports as needed.

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