Does your company need to transport goods over long distances or even between continents? One shipping mode may not be sufficient for your needs. Intermodal services from EMO Trans can provide a convenient, cost-effective solution in these situations.

Intermodal logistics entails using a combination of transportation methods — typically rail and truck and sometimes air and sea for international shipments — to achieve specific shipping objectives. Shippers pack the cargo in specially designed containers that facilitate shifts from one mode to another without handling the freight.

In a simple example of intermodal transportation, a truck carries an empty container to pick up cargo and transports the fully loaded container to a railroad yard. A train then takes the container to a terminal for loading onto an ocean vessel that will carry it overseas.

We’re Just the Right Size

EMO Trans is proud to be just the right size to offer the best of all worlds to our clients. We’re large enough to command excellent airline service at very competitive pricing, but small enough to deliver flexible, customized programs and personalized service. We’re strong enough to have an aggressive presence in world markets, but also nimble enough for local decision making, fast response and direct accountability. We’re the perfect fit with the experience and knowledge to handle all of your logistics needs.