Freight forwarders serve the crucial role of acting as intermediaries between customers that ship cargo and the services that transport the goods. Forwarders leverage their networks of shipping industry contacts to negotiate the lowest rates for their clients. They strive to attain the ideal balance between cost, speed and reliability.

A freight forwarder is not the same as a freight broker. A broker merely acts as a middleman that connects shippers and carriers. It takes no responsibility for the freight and assumes no liability. Conversely, a forwarder is fully involved in the process, including arranging for storage, transportation and other crucial aspects.

What Are the Benefits of Forwarding Services?

An experienced, full-service international forwarder like EMO Trans will provide multiple cost-effective logistics solutions for your business.

Competitive Pricing

Shipping goods overseas can be expensive, especially when covering long distances. Forwarders can make the process more affordable by tailoring their services to meet the customer’s specific needs. They can offer lower rates via cargo consolidation, which enables the combination of multiple customer shipments into a single load. This technique can also result in reduced freight charges for less-than-container shipments.

Access to Specialized Expertise

Shipping goods internationally typically means navigating frequently changing customs regulations. A knowledgeable forwarder is familiar with the documentation, shipping schedules, compliance issues, tariffs and other process elements and knows how to navigate them seamlessly. The result is lower costs and fewer time-consuming hassles for your business.

Extensive Global Network

The most reputable forwarders have established an extensive network of global shipping partners to offer their customers an array of choices. They can locate convenient and cost-effective shipping routes to expedite cargo delivery and minimize expenses.

They also have arrangements with other key players in the international freight process, including warehouse operators, logistics services providers, ground handlers, and customs and financial brokers.

Accountability and Oversight

Many things can go wrong when shipping goods thousands of miles. A professional freight forwarder like EMO Trans will manage the process from start to finish and be accountable for the results. You can feel more confident that your goods will arrive on time and in the same condition as when they began the journey. Using a forwarder can also reduce your liability exposure and the number of customer complaints.

Access to Technology

Technology plays an increasingly important role in the international shipping industry. A freight forwarder can offer advanced tools like cargo tracking to add transparency and build trust. You can also access critical shipping data, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

About Our International Forwarding Services

At EMO Trans, we offer a full suite of premium forwarding services to ensure the most appropriate and affordable shipping solutions for every customer.

Air Services

Air transportation is typically the fastest and most efficient way to transport cargo internationally. We’ve established enduring partnerships with some of the world’s premier air carriers to deliver the customized service your business requires. We can even offer next-flight-out air shipping to meet tight schedules.

Ocean Services

We offer comprehensive ocean logistical solutions with a personal touch. Our use of multiple gateways ensures the most efficient consolidation points. We’re also adept at customs clearance to provide faster delivery times.

Customs Services

Trust us to provide expert advice on all aspects of the customs procedures, regardless of where you’re shipping goods. We’ll classify your shipments correctly and cut through the bureaucratic red tape to streamline the process and remove the burden from your shoulders.


At EMO Trans, we strive to stay abreast of the constantly evolving regulatory environment that impacts global shipping and logistics. Our well-honed compliance procedures prevent costly delays and help you avoid the consequences of committing an unintentional violation. Our solutions can also lower the risk of theft and other losses.


We offer multiple advanced technologies that add significant value to the forwarding process. Use our Track & Trace solution, available via the cutting-edge EMO Trans Portal, to monitor shipments 24 hours a day from any remote location. We also have the tools to optimize your electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions.

Global Logistics

With our network of more than 250 offices in over 120 nations, we can provide local logistics services worldwide. We’ll be your single point of contact throughout the shipping process and respond promptly whenever an issue occurs.

Project Logistics

We go beyond the role of a traditional freight forwarder by offering a wide range of specialized logistics and supply chain management solutions. Our Project Logistics International (PLI) subsidiary can provide expert project planning and execution services tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Live Animal Transport

We can assist with relocating horses and other live animals across the globe. Our team includes knowledgeable specialty cargo experts who can ensure safe, secure animal transport. Our services include making arrangements for quarantine where applicable, blood tests and health certifications, crating, and export and import document processing.

Why Choose Us as Your Freight Forwarder?

EMO Trans is an international logistics company founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1965. We now operate from our global headquarters conveniently located in Garden City, New York, approximately 25 miles from Manhattan. In addition to our larger number of network offices, we operate more than 85 dedicated EMO Trans offices in 21 countries. This extensive worldwide footprint allows us to provide the prompt, reliable service you deserve.

Speaking of service, it’s always our top priority. Despite our global reach, we’re a small company that focuses on the logistics needs of small-to-midsize organizations. Our size makes us responsive to our customers’ needs — we can develop and implement custom freight forwarding solutions and adapt them as your business evolves.

As a privately owned company with positive cash flow and no debt, we control our destiny. We consistently reinvest our profits in expanding our offerings and improving service to our valued customers.

Learn More About Our International Forwarding Services

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