In 1972 we opened our doors for the first time. From the start, we have been building strong and lasting relationships with the world’s premier air carriers. Our mission is to utilize our experience and knowledge of the industry to deliver the best, customized service to you. Service that will strengthen every link in your supply chain.


A Full Breadth of Air Services

At EMO Trans USA we offer a unique combination of direct services, scheduled consolidations, our own operated screening facilities, and a strong focus on compliance. With a national purchasing division, we are able to diversify the services of our carriers to your benefit.
In this industry, timing is everything. When time is in short supply we’ll ship as soon as our next flight out. We can also use our BSAs to maximize your schedule and budget. We provide a single point of contact with full accountability for all aspects of your shipment, including ownership of all issues until full resolution. We aim to deliver not just your shipment, but also peace of mind.
Our experienced team is fully engaged in all levels of the industry, from advocacy, as AFA board members, to compliance and hazmat expertise, as well as working closely with TSA and CBP. We are IATA licensed and eager to bring our expertise to your supply chain.

Just the Right Size

EMO Trans USA’s strength is in our employees. We are a privately held company with 30+ offices nationwide. We maximize the potential by combining local airfreight relationships with national contracts.
When it comes to information that is critical to your shipment, we have one simple goal, to call you before you call us. With proven results and experienced personnel, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.
We’re just the right size – small enough to deliver flexible, customized programs and the kind of personal service that is often lost when dealing with much larger organizations and big enough to have a strong and aggressive presence in world markets while being nimble enough to navigate locally.

Partner with EMO Trans USA for Air Services

Partner with us today. We provide custom global logistics solutions with a personal touch. Find your local branch.

At EMO Trans USA, we are knowledgeable in all aspects of maritime regulations and requirements. Our ocean team delivers exceptional service to ensure the on-time, safe, efficient and cost-effective delivery of your freight. We add a personal touch to a variety of customized ocean solutions.


A Customizable Ocean Logistics Solution

EMO Trans USA has the expertise, scalability and global visibility to provide the ideal ocean logistics solution for your business. Our strong national relationships with ocean carriers allow us to find the solution that best fits your needs. As a fully FMC-licensed NVOCC, we have the infrastructure to handle your ocean freight from one corner of the globe to another. We recognize the need for flexibility and reliability. With us, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Take advantage of:

      • Pre-advice sent on all exports
      • Arrival notices sent on all imports
      • Specialized support for oversize and breakbulk cargo
      • Hazmat certified personnel at every office
      • Onsite supervision for heavy lift cargo and route inspection
      • Full-service insurance options provided to protect your valuable cargo

Proven Track Record

EMO Trans has the ideal ocean logistics solution to accommodate your needs including full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL), roll on/roll off (RO/RO), breakbulk and chartering. Regardless of the type of cargo you need to ship, EMO Trans delivers a customized approach to meet your ocean freight and transportation requirements. We offer:

      • Expert consultation to insure the best ocean product is used to meet your needs
      • Use of multiple gateways for efficient consolidation points
      • Expedited breakdown of groupage containers
      • Customs clearance kept under our control for faster deliveries

Partner with EMO Trans for Ocean Services

EMO Trans is your best choice when it comes to ocean shipments. We’re proud to deliver the competitive pricing you expect – and the outstanding service you deserve. Partner with us today for custom global logistics with a personal touch. Find your local branch.

At EMO Trans USA we’re knowledgeable in all aspects of customs services and we’re always here to advise you. Our global network, knowledge and experience ensure that we are able to move your freight as seamlessly as possible to the final destination.


A Commitment to Compliance

Our brokerage team undergoes regular training and internal audits to ensure we are fully up to date with the evolving framework of customs regulations and requirements. We recognize the importance of compliance in the supply chain and we make it a top priority.

An Optimized Supply Chain

We are always looking for ways to further optimize our processes to ensure the prompt release of goods. When time is of the essence, from parts needed for production to finished goods for sale, you can rely on our knowledge, experience and global infrastructure to help keep your business running smoothly.

Single Carrier Accountability

With 30+ offices across the country, as well as remote filing services, you can choose whether you need entries handled locally or would like to centralize customs services. Either way, we can give you a single contact for customs purposes.
With in-house brokerage services, we are able to much more efficiently manage all aspects of your shipment. Electronic transmittal of documents saves time and adds to the level of control, starting at the origin. Our commitment to due diligence and attention to detail allows us to deliver the industry’s most efficient customs solutions.

Full Range of Services

Our professional team provides a full range of import logistics services including parts/tariff databases, binding rulings, post entry activities, landed cost calculations and compliance programs. You reap the benefits of both our field level practical knowledge and our extensive subject matter expertise, from a tariff and regulatory perspective.

Partner with EMO Trans for Customs Services

EMO Trans USA has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide the best brokerage services to you. Partner with us today. Find your local branch.

At EMO Trans USA we pride ourselves on our firm commitment to compliance. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your shipment arrives with the added safety and security that comes from our thoroughness and due diligence.


A Secure Supply Chain

From start to finish, through strict adherence to government compliance regulations around the globe, we keep your supply chain secure. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we ensure that we are up to date with all requirements in order to mitigate risk and minimize the potential costs of non-compliance. Our procedures further protect you by helping to prevent theft and other losses.

A Compliance Consultant and Advisor

Advanced knowledge and expertise come as standard. Through strict and rigorous training and internal audits, our people remain in lock step with the latest regulations. We work closely with TSA and are CTPAT certified, and we work with advocacy groups like the AFA to remain on the forefront of what is happening in compliance today. Through a strong global network and partnerships, we can coordinate procedures with local governmental agencies around the world.

Partner with EMO Trans USA

EMO Trans is your best choice for a secure supply chain. We’re always here to answer your questions and address your specific needs. Partner with us today. Contact your local branch for more information.

We make significant investments in IT because we recognize the importance of the role that it plays in this industry. We embrace new technologies as they become available and are committed to providing you, the customer, with cutting-edge global logistics solutions.


Mobile Access

Download the EMO Trans mobile app at the Apple App store and Google Play store. Features include: track & trace, reports, request a quote, and branch locator. You can also read our newsletter and access our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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Supply Chain Solutions

With our robust and scalable infrastructure, we have the best fitting solution for businesses both large and small. We use proprietary customer-facing technologies to empower you through end-to-end visibility on shipments. Automated systems remove many previously manual procedures. The end result is a streamlined procedure and optimal performance to surpass the competition and make you look good in the process.

Track & Trace

Our sophisticated, real-time track & trace solutions let you manage and track your shipment while maintaining full visibility from booking to proof of delivery.


Our connectivity solutions improve customer service, minimize freight and labor costs and enhance visibility throughout the supply chain.

Advanced Automation

Our commitment to automating where possible saves labor, energy and materials and, at the same time, improves quality, accuracy and precision. Working to streamline operations results in lower costs to you.

Complete Customization

Unique situations may present unique problems. That’s where our customized solutions come in. Our IT Engineers design systems in-house to maximize the performance of your supply chain. We cater to all types of businesses and recognize that you may have a broad range of needs. We are dedicated to meeting those needs with the right solutions.

The Future at EMO Trans USA

The future is bright. We will continue on the road to making customized global logistics simpler, easier and more efficient. Come and be a part of our evolution and discover the innovative ways that EMO Trans USA is optimizing customized global logistics. Find your local branch.

EMO Trans is a leader in customized global logistics. Our big-picture view makes us the perfect long-term partner to coordinate all aspects of your supply chain. With 250+ network offices in over 120 countries, we’re proud to be the single point of contact for your requirements.


Thankfully, losses and damages to freight are rare – and if you need an extra layer of security, EMO Trans has the solution. Carrier liability is quite limited; therefore, we offer our customers the option of cargo insurance on every shipment to adequately cover damaged or lost goods. We’re the ideal partner to protect your shipment, with a smooth claims process from start to finish.

Project Logistics

EMO Trans goes beyond the role of the traditional freight forwarder to construct a complete logistics infrastructure for our clients. We are experts in pre-project planning with the tools to deliver logistics programs tailored to the individual needs of each customer. EMO Trans offers a strategic partnership with the tools to bring your project to completion. More information can be found at the website for our wholly-owned subsidiary, Project Logistics International (PLI).

Supply Chain Management

Are you looking for a partner to coordinate a reliable supply chain management program? You can trust our informed and experienced staff to deliver effective solutions to maximize the value and performance of your global supply chain – including shortened shipping cycles to lower your total cost.

      • Visibility of the complete supply chain gives you the ability to monitor and manage exceptions and formulate improvement opportunities
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure the performance of all supply chain parties and provide you with the knowledge to support improvement-oriented conservations
      • Strategic long-term relationships deliver increased customer value and decreased cost to the supply chain as a whole

Third Party Logistics

Are you looking to outsource elements of your supply chain? Partner with EMO Trans for specialized third party logistics scaled and customized to your individual needs. Take advantage of instant expertise to help you perform better and save money. Our partnership means your staff won’t be burdened with the minutia of managing your inventory and deliveries. We provide a number of value-added services including:

      • Onsite logistics staffing
      • Order entry and processing
      • Direct customer support
      • Specialized management information reporting
      • Design and maintenance of export compliance programs

Vendor and Supplier Management

Communication between vendors and suppliers is critical to success. You need, and will find in EMO Trans, a trustworthy partner with the logistics expertise to deal with multiple suppliers located all over the world. From purchase order expediting to work-in-progress follow-ups with vendors and suppliers, we strike the perfect balance between supply chain management and effective small business management.

Warehousing and Inventory Control

Do you need accurate, on-time order fulfillment? EMO Trans manages the entire warehousing and inventory control process – from initial delivery to order processing, pick-n-pack operations through final delivery – to give you peace of mind.

      • Storage of inventory at strategic locations worldwide
      • Accelerated availability for shipment and order fulfillment
      • Defined management reports of shipment activity
      • Significantly reduced costs and improved inventory accuracy

Partner with EMO Trans for Global Logistics

EMO Trans is your best choice when it comes to global logistics. We’re proud to be the single point of contact for all the logistics providers in your supply chain. Partner with us today. Select your country to find your nearest EMO Trans office.

EMO Trans is a leading provider of specialized logistics and supply chain management to the global community.  Our philosophy is to go above and beyond the role of the traditional freight forwarder to identify the precise demands of your process – allowing us to construct a complete logistics infrastructure for your company.


Experts in Pre-Project Planning

EMO Trans delivers hands-on, professional support from worldwide logistics experts onsite at locations around the world. As a reliable partner, we handle projects of all dimensions – from early investigation to project completion. We are industry leaders in pre-project planning – including but not limited to analysis of:

  • Origin and destination site and route surveys
  • Geographical, climatic, legal, political and cultural studies
  • Assessment of services required
  • Aggressive negotiation with service providers
  • Analysis of banking/financial requirements to ensure compliance


Project Logistics Tailored to Your Needs

At EMO Trans, all logistics programs are tailored to the individual needs of each project. We provide end-to-end management down to the smallest detail.  From specialized lifts, oversized cargo and multimodal shipments to complex projects that require us to dismantle and reassemble an entire manufacturing plant elsewhere – our advanced customized logistics solve key problems for a wide range of markets – all around the world. We manage all types of projects including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining industry
  • Power generation
  • Chemical plants
  • Manufacturing plants

We’ll manage the smallest details of your project so that you can focus on the big picture


Partner with EMO Trans for Project Logistics

EMO Trans is your best choice when it comes to project logistics. Let us work with your team to bring your project to completion. Partner with us today. Select your country to find your representative. (end all services like this)

cruise flyer 2016 FINALFrom order placement to final delivery, EMO Trans offers complete end-to-end services that support cruise and marine operations. Since 1965, EMO Trans has moved cargo across distances and borders, handling virtually every facet of worldwide shipping. Our network of more than 250 locations in 120 countries means real-time information and problem solving.

Specialized Services

  • International Inbound and in-transit transportation
  • U.S. air and ocean transport to dry dock site, including charters and U.S. ground transportation
  • Customs clearance for both U.S. and foreign destinations/origins
  • Warehouse inventory management, repacks, and more
  • Shipper/Contractor-owned container control, and returns to home base after a dry dock is completed
  • Perishable Cargo Logistics
  • Delicate Cargo Packing
  • Strategic Consolidation Hubs
  • Emergency Response Services – 24/7 coverage

Why EMO Trans?

We engage early with our customers at the planning level. Our service solutions integrate ship schedules, cruise line departmental stakeholders, vendors, and critical timelines.

Customized, budget-minded pricing

We give each customer a unique, customized proposal designed to meet specific needs and stay on budget.

‘Control Tower’ approach to project needs

We provide customers a single point of contact that links together all the logistics service units supporting the project. Each project and customer is assigned an account management team that functions as a Control Tower Team. This team interfaces with our other operational departments to provide a laser focused layered service platform.

Clear expectations

We develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each project with our customers’ input and final approval prior to golive. Each process is detailed to make sure the business and operation rules are clearly stated and properly followed in day-today activities.
Purchase order and inventory management
Our company operating systems manage each phase of the operation and provide web visibility to customers.
Our systems can:

  • Register purchase orders for updates and tracking, convert POs into pick-up orders, and cross reference POs by vendor, project name, phase, and due date.
  • Create detailed warehouse receipts at consolidation centers and send digital pictures of received materials.
  • Maintain perpetual inventory information and coordinate inventory cycle counts.
  • Provide shipment releases for export, process air and ocean shipments, and track shipments during transit.

Tight security

We maintain 24/7/365 security resources to protect our customers’ assets, including controlled access to facilities, monitored video surveillance, and background checks on our associates.

EMO Trans’ consolidated services make live animal transport easy. Our specialty cargo professionals have decades of experience delivering the safest and most secure live animal transport solutions.


Horse Relocation Solutions

EMO Trans covers specialty cargo with the broad capabilities to ship not just your horse – but also your trailer, truck and tack.

The EMO Trans Advantage

Our detailed planning and special handling promotes the utmost care for your animal on the ground and in the air. We’re proud to offer specialty cargo services handled by trained professionals and in full compliance with all live animal regulations. We treat your animal like a member of our family.

Live Animal Transport from A to Z

EMO Trans can arrange everything from airline bookings to veterinary services at the origin airport. Whether hauling to the nearest airport or to the final destination stable, our trained animal attendants provide care, food and water for the length of the journey. service includes:

  • Quarantine/isolation (30 days in most cases)
  • All veterinary blood tests & health certificate preparations
  • All export/import documentation including carnet processing when needed
  • Wooden crates built specifically to accommodate miniatures

Partner with EMO Trans for Live Animal Transport

EMO Trans is your best choice when it comes to live animal transport. We have experts around the world ready to ship your animal safely and securely. Partner with us today. Find your local branch.