EMO Trans Australia was started in Sydney February 1988 by Eckart Moltmann, Brian Gayner and John Burford. An office in Melbourne soon followed.

In the late 1990’s, company ownership passed to John’s widow Joan Burford and Herbie Brenner. The following years saw the development of the stable, friendly and customer focused company that is EMO Trans Australia today.

In 2007, on the retirement of both Herbie and Joan, control of the Australian firm was passed to the EMO Trans Global Group. In the ensuing years a phase of positive and significant development has taken place. The opening of offices in all Australian main ports and the shareholding of other regional operations, in conjunction with full clearance, zone-free and bonded warehousing, along with implementation of advanced IT systems across all facets of the operation has enabled steady growth into the progressive company that exists today.

A highly qualified, stable group of staff form the basis of the operation. The building of long term individual client relationships built on performance and the ability to adapt to each clients individual needs forms the foundation of our ongoing growth in the Australasian region.

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