In today’s accelerated business environment, you not only need accurate shipping information, you need it fast.

EMO Trans Canada offers state-of-the-art information and data systems for tracking and reporting of import/export shipments for air or ocean freight. Through secure individual user name / passwords only you see your data – and no one else!


• Portal to the EMO Trans Group
• Global Network information
• Links to resource sites
• Interactive communication
• Tracking and Tracing

Internet / Web-based Tracking and Reporting

• Real-time in-transit shipment status
• Statistical Information
• Full track and trace and quick track systems are in place for registered users.

Customized Information

• Shipment activity reports
• Historical data

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

• EMO Trans supports the ability to receive inbound Air and Ocean Consolidations electronically and have those consolidation details update the EMO Trans Transportation database automatically with the inbound manifest received from our agents overseas. Among the data received would be House and Master details.

Continuous upgrades and improvements
• We are constantly upgrading and improving our software and our IT solutions – including a lot of things behind the scenes – to maintain the best systems and information flow to clients we can provide.
• Innovations will continue to be rolled out as they are operational to enhance your interaction with EMO Trans.

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