EMO Trans Launches New Government Vertical

EMO Trans is very pleased to announce a new business vertical centered on the U.S. government.
Baltimore Branch Manager Stephen Schein says, “Since becoming the Branch Manager for the Baltimore office, one of my chief goals has been to develop a vertical that would tap into shipping and logistics services paid for by federal spending. In 2019, federal contract spending was $597 billion, up from $442 billion in 2015. This money is allocated across 92 agencies and departments in 20 purchasing categories. Tangible goods, such as sustainment supplies, electronics, and clothing, saw the greatest increases in this period. The market for our services is large and growing. The U.S. is decommissioning its fighting footprint around the world, but is still supporting a very large civilian and military presence. Additionally, foreign governments buy vast amounts of supplies from U.S. suppliers via Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) programs.”
To read more about EMO Trans’ strategy in this area, check out the September edition of EMO Trans News. We’re excited about the growth potential of a government vertical!