EMO Trans LA Ships Race Car for Ferrari Challenge

The Los Angeles branch recently handled shipping for a valuable race car headed for a competition race in Kuala Lumpur. “When the race is over, we will ship it back to LAX,” says Giancarlo Bruscoli, Sales Director for EMO Trans Los Angeles. “We handle several of these cars every year. They go from Italy to Japan and Korea. We’ve become experts in shipping them around the world!”

The car is shipped with parts that are needed for the race, with a total value of up to $300,000. The customer is a motorsport company that has had a relationship with EMO Trans for about 15 years. “The customer has given us import shipments of two racing cars from Toyota of Japan that are prototypes used only for racing on closed tracks,” Giancarlo explains. “In this case, we had to secure all kinds of permits from EPA to DOT, which was very time consuming. However, our brokerage department got those done in a very professional manner! For the export of the Ferrari, we got an ATA Carnet, which really helped cut red tape. We use the same ATA Carnet for importing cars back to the U.S., which makes life very easy.”