Mai 17, 2019

Winnipeg Announces Airport Expansion

Winnipeg Airport Authority (WAA) has outlined upcoming cargo infrastructure expansion plans at Winnipeg Airport (YWG), which will include construction of a new C$27 million Ground Services Equipment Building (GSE) on the east side and redevelopment of land on the west side of the airport’s property.


Mai 3, 2019

Shipping Organization Asked for Clarifications on IMO 2020

As carriers prepare for compliance with the upcoming low sulfur fuel limit, the International Maritime Organization has been asked to clarify four areas of IMO 2020: safety issues; education on fuel handling; compliance reporting; and how consistent global regulation will…


April 5, 2019

Traffic To Midwestern Ports Robust via St. Lawrence Seaway

Great Lakes ports are forecasting a "stellar" shipping season after the St. Lawrence Seaway reopened on Tuesday, allowing hulking international cargo ships known as ‘salties’ to pass through to Midwestern ports including the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor. Iron ore, petroleum…