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Customs Services

We are focused on two key factors in our Customs services. First and foremost is compliance. Always a critical component of a supply chain, the last several years have seen various developments which only increase the need for a complete commitment to compliance. Continuing education of both of our staff and our customers is a must. Our Brokerage team undergo regular training and internal audits to insure we are fully up to date on the evolving framework of regulations and requirements. 

In addition, we recognize the often urgent need for prompt release of goods so that the supply chain flow is optimized. Our philosophy is to merge the transportation and the clearance functions so that we have “single carrier accountability” to you our customers. When we are both the transporting company and the broker, we have direct control of the documentation starting at the origin. We transmit the document package electronically so no time is lost waiting for or looking for documents. Whether goods are parts needed for production or finished goods for sales, we understand that time is of the essence in modern supply chains. 

Our Customs staff also provides a full range of services in support of complex import logistics. Parts databases, binding rulings, post entry activities, landed cost calculations, compliance programs; are all available from our team of professionals. We provide both a field level practical knowledge of the current application of Customs requirement as well as extensive subject matter expertise from a tariff and regulatory expertise perspective.